Friday, January 17, 2014

Colorful Living and Things

I took advantage of the 3 free promotion Zoya had recently. I had a hard time choosing colors but I really love these shades. Deep navy tones are my favorite to wear lately for some reason. 
Perhaps I am too old for fun laces, but I don't care :D They were $1 each at a Converse outlet store. I'm the most fond of the silver glittery ones. 
I've been searching for some decent moon earrings for a while. Found them at an American Eagle outlet. 
Emerald green. Not a color I'd normally choose but I'm pretty excited for this satchel. Found it super cheap online in the Nordstrom sale section (and I had a gift card!).
12 year old version of myself shining through again. 
Doodles while watching American Horror Story. 
I've been searching for simple star earrings too. 
Volume 9 of The Walking Dead. The story is getting a little weird to me but we'll see what happens!
 Laced up Converse.
Matt got us a Keurig, even though neither of us drink a ton of coffee. I think I'll be using it more for tea and cider.
Another gift card purchase, they were cheap at the Nike outlet. I guess I have a thing for purple and turquoise together. I might add the pink laces to make them more obnoxious. Guess I have to work out more now.

Oops, this was a bit of a "haul" post. Don't mind me.

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  1. Are those lisa frank pencils?! Ha I just went out looking for school supplies and totally got the lisa frank kitty notebook. So many cute things. I love your blog!