Hey! I'm Leanna.

31. Dayton, Ohio. 
Originally from a small town in NY. 

Things I love:
Movies, Pugs, Netflix, Candy, Art, Crafts, Nature, Cute Stuff, Kitsch, Adventure, Animals, Games, Pizza, Thrift Stores, Creepy Stuff, Humor, Old people, Pressed Pennies, Hello Kitty, Snow globes, Journals, Dahlias, Scary Stories, Tea, Museums, Dessert, Aquatic Life, Space, Mermaids, Carousels, Mail, Letters, Tulips, Biking, Red Pandas, Pigs, Elephants, Harry Potter, Sims, Blackberries, Dancing, The sound of a steel drum, Mountains, Weeping Willows, Being barefoot, Candles, Vintage stuff, Memories, Halloween, People Tripping, Laughing, Nail art, Butts, Honesty, Strange people, Characters, Arcades, Amusement Parks but not rides, Music, Woods, Tree houses.