Thursday, June 6, 2013

Passion Pit Concert

 On a whim I entered a contest online to win tickets to see Passion Pit in Cincinnati. I didn't expect to win but when I got a phone call that I was among some of the winners I was super excited! Matt and I have been big fans of the band for a while, we almost went to one of their concerts the last time they were in the area but it sold out pretty quickly. The date and venue ended up getting changed but it was pretty neat because it was in an old movie theater. I have to say, they were awesome live. Something about their music makes me feel really happy. (Sidenote: It's still a lot of fun to date someone who enjoys *most* of the same music you do)


  1. Oh, I bet it was so fun! I love Passion Pit :)


  2. It was a great concert, they are so good live! :)