Thursday, May 15, 2014

Film Club: Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

I'm a bit paranoid about spoiling films, but I'm attempting to share more thoughts along with these film posts. I admit I put off watching this for a while when I saw that it was just shy of 3 hours long. Once I began watching I was quickly drawn into Adèle's story and the level of intimacy the audience shares with her. I felt like a fly on the wall witnessing Adèle's transformation. The emotional scenes are raw and at times difficult to watch. There were even moments where I wanted to cringe. I will say, this film would've been more crushing if I had watched it during another point of my life. The cafe scene. Ugh.


  1. i've been meaning to watch this film for so long but like you, the 3 hour length has put me off. i will sit down and watch this this summer ha ha! x

  2. watched this with such ease, it's exactly like you say.lovely.xx

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