Wednesday, December 18, 2013


From Left to Right: 
-Library haul: Chocolat, The Secretary and Jane Eyre
-CVS sale. What what. Cheap nail polish is amazing. 
-Forgot about these cute notebooks I got at Target a while ago.
-Glitter tips and journaling.
-Snowglobes are my favorite. 
-Owl stickers from Dollar Tree.
-Magnolia Blossom candle that smells ahmazing. 
-Ceiling porn from the concert/ballet we went to this past weekend.
-Sushi roll omnom.
Left to right:
-Elephant Necklace from Forever 21.
-Pug slippers from Kohl's, kinda hideous yet amazing (and they were $2 something with a coupon!)
-One of my favorite shows, bought it for cheap during black friday sales.
Left to Right:
-Cold days and free weapons.
-Our cute but modest (boring) tree. We keep it simple.
-Playing games for 12 year olds.

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